Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Things to ponder

Washington State relies on the Red Cross almost exclusively, and their recent 'Cascadia Rising' disaster simulation exercise showed that the state is woefully unprepared.  They now call for two weeks of food and water put by, thankfully,  not that ridiculous 72 hour thing.  

Harding's administration has parallels with Trump's so far:  cabinet of the rich.  Harding was the guy who oversaw the Roaring Twenties, which turned into the Greatly Depressing Thirties.  Just what we need:  another reason to prep.  Oy.

The cyberattack on the Ukraine that brought down part of their electrical system:  it could happen here.  We've had an election hacked, Yahoo had 1 billion - yes, billion with a b - accounts hacked and now Verizon is looking at Yahoo a bit cockeyed, and not so sure it's a good deal after all, maybe. Don't hold your breath while people try to figure out responses and workarounds to a major hack.

Look at Venezuela to see what we could be facing if the economic doodoo hits the proverbial fan.  Not a pretty sight.  Hopefully, it won't be as bad as people think.

One last thought...logged into a fairly large prepper board today and noticed that some people claim liberals can't be preppers (some pretty hateful responses regarding liberals there; who benefits from the division between liberals and conservatives?  Sure as hell isn't working folk).  I'll see that claim and raise it a stack of cans of sardines; you can't get much more liberal than I am before you have to register as a socialist.  And I prep.