Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Anxiety while prepping

If you look online, you can find places to view episodes of both Hoarders and Hoarding:  Buried Alive.  Both are interesting from a reality TV standpoint I suppose, given that I don't have a TV and reality is...well, it's reality and we've all been there, but more interesting from a psychological standpoint.

The discussions regarding the triggers for what surely must be underlying behavior, and the resistance to change and reluctance to face the problem are more interesting to me.  

Srsly, what has this got to do with being prepared for emergencies?  Well, if anxiety's driving your preparedness, do you really think you'll be as methodical as you would be if anxiety weren't such an issue?  Would you stock up on things you really don't need, like bolt after bolt of fabric, or package after package of sewing needles; I've seen those suggested as things to stock up on, and really, guys - and it's guys who suggest this - talk to people who sew, whydon'tcha?  What kind of needles did you stock up on?  What looked good to you, O person-who-doesn't-sew? 

There are general sewing, needlework, canvas, leather, and quilting needles, to name a few.  I have some of all of them, and they're in a dry location, in the house, in my sewing supplies because I use them, and I HAVE A NEEDLE SHARPENER.  Some of those needles are dull by design and don't need sharpening, but I'm not telling which ones, just telling you you need more than A MESS OF NEEDLES YOU WILL NEVER USE.

Ok, enough shouting.

Think about the things you stock up on for emergencies.  Make 'em count, and do it calmly...unaddressed and unfettered anxiety will get you nothing more than a house full of cat shit.