Saturday, July 5, 2014

Taking the long view

The ex bought a house in a rural area, and it’s all electric.  His idea of preparing for emergencies consists of asking for one of the Mr. Heaters (lovely things; they run off of propane canisters, and he took the older one, hahaha, and I’ve got the brand new one in the box) and a single burner butane stove from among the supplies and tools I’ve put by to date. 

All electric.  And in the process, saddled himself with a 30 year mortgage that he won’t be able to afford when he retires…if he retires.

Preparedness involves more than having a spare can of beans on hand.  It consists of thinking in terms of both long and short term.  In other words, never buy a rural all-electric house with a 30 year mortgage when you’re 60 just so you can play music loud.

Could he have found something else, something better if he had waited?  Probably.  Patience is indeed a virtue when searching out your ‘perfect’ place.  And could he have found something closer to where he works, given that his new commute will be six times as long, adding two hours to his day?  Probably.  He’s mumbled something about getting a new, more fuel efficient vehicle, and that means an expense that he’ll either have to save for or a monthly loan payment…but it won’t make his commute shorter, or put power to his house in an emergency.

This is not preparedness at its best.