Saturday, July 5, 2014

Book worth looking at regarding household safety and avoiding accidents

Although it’s geared toward the older adult, there’s a lot of good information regarding basic home safety in Living Safely, Aging Well by Dorothy Drago.  Household sources of injury, as well as a discussion of intrinsic (internal) vs. extrinsic (external) sources of danger abound, and it covers health and wellness as well.  Things like extension cords, health issues that affect balance, and watching to avoid drug interactions (which pharmacies today do, but still…) are included.

One thing that everyone needs to do is watch their health – the old saw ‘when you have your health, you have everything’ might overstate it to a degree, but good health is well worth protecting especially in hard times or when you are in a survival situation.

Preventing accidents is part of being healthy; broken bones, burns and other ailments are, for the most part, preventable.