Sunday, August 5, 2012

Run. Hide. Fight.

Pay attention to the order of suggested actions.  Fighting is the last one on the list.  Run.  If you can't run, hide.  If you can't run or hide, only then resort to fighting.

Know your options, know your escape routes.  Don't get foolhardy and think you can take down a person with a weapon and a bad attitude!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taping windows in an emergency

Costco has a sale on heavy duty shipping packaging tape.  Great, I think, I'll buy some and what I don't use for sending packages for my home business, I can use to tape windows.

Except that you aren't supposed to tape windows in a possible hurricane or other extreme weather situation.


It turns out that taping windows is not the best protection for the glass.  Break-resistant materials, such as plexiglass or tempered glass (not actually break resistant, but won't react like untempered glass) or shutters, protect better.  

Taping your windows can actually make them more dangerous as larger shards of glass are tossed around, making it easier to get seriously hurt.

And who told me this?

The National Hurricane Center.  I reckon they just know what they are talking about.