Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Interesting stuff....

Time constraints being what they are for us all, here are some links and my $.02 on the articles/information they connect to, sort of a digest, if you will, of prep-related stuff:

Three levels of instruction, including commonly made mistakes at beginner and higher levels, which I thought was very valuable.  Site also looks like a good source of general outdoors information...

15 tips for food storage shopping - just what it says, includes reminder about menu fatigue.  Speaking of which, I pondered on alternatives to tomato sauce-based pasta dishes; might be useful to look at Alfredo and other herb and white sauce based versions to avoid relying totally on tomato sauce and thus the dreaded menu fatigue daemon.

Is 8 Hours of Electricity a Day in Your Future?  What we refer to as 'third world' countries often deal with this or even less electricity.  Could we?  Your fridge won't run well and food might spoil, but your freezer would be ok.  What would you focus on if you had only a limited amount of electricity each day?

Makedo Um...what is Makedo, you ask?  Well, this isn't strictly prep related, but it looks like a great toy for kids, one that fosters creativity and stimulates imagination and the ability to 'make do' (hence the website's name).  I wantz it!

When the trucks stop, it's over  A sobering reminder of our over-reliance on being waited on by grocery and big-box stores.  Yeah, I know we have to drive to them, but if we aren't growing our own (within reason) we are paying for our dependance and grocery stores, after all, are the classic example of just-in-time manufacturing's process of not keeping a backstock of supplies and parts.

New Plan: Fewer Safety Drills Near US Nuke Plants - Sleep soundly, America Wonderful!  Fukushima, here we come...

Speaking of things nuclear:  Even Our Nuclear Commanders Don’t Like Our Posture  And they would know, don'tcha think?

That's all for now, folks!