Saturday, November 6, 2010

Useful kitchen gadgets

Useful gadgets to have on hand:

There's a set of pinch, dash and smidgen measuring spoons available; these are actually real measurements, and you might want to get a set if you use a lot of old recipes or if you want to put less than a quarter teaspoon of something, or a wee bit more than a typical measure, in a dish.

Amazon also has a set that adds pinch and tad measurements.

Oven thermometer:  if you build an outdoor oven to bake bread or pizza, this will come in handy.  Also works to tell you what the real temperature of your oven in the kitchen is and whether it's fast or slow.

Meat thermometer:  rather than cut the meat apart and look at it to see if it's done, you can see if it's cooked by reading its internal temp with this. 

Candy thermometer:  unless I find a way to store candy that doesn't result in a loss of quality/flavor, my only workaround is to actually make the stuff (I think I'd rather go without - don't need the empty calories), and a thermometer is more accurate than the 'break' stage method.

Potholders:  I think there may be a limit to how many you need, but with a family member who crochets the things, there's always the threat of more...potholders should be thick, not made of synthetics, and preferably have insulating material in the middle.

A stainless steel hand de-stinker. I definitely need one of these; I love onions and garlic and it's good for those and a host of other strong smells.  Saves on soap, which saves your skin...and it lasts forever.

Good vegetable peeler:  I have three at last count, and the oldest and funkiest works the best.  It's a matter of personal preference, but once you find a good one, get another for spare.

Good can opener:  A 'good' can opener is one that is easy to use.  Some currently available are hard to clean or hard to turn, and a good can opener is neither.  Ditto on personal preference/getting a spare.