Friday, November 19, 2010

Useful Firefox addons

The configurability of Firefox is one of its big selling points, and these are the addons I've found most useful:

RSS feed of any Craigslist page or query.  Found on the bottom of every Craigslist page.

Download Helper

Lets you download videos, like those on YouTube, so you can re-run them again offline to learn how that guy did that with that thing and that other thing.

Password Manager
Online, secure password manager; your online security is enhanced if you use multiple passwords (i.e., not the same one everywhere) and this is one of the apps you can use to implement that.

Right to Click
Some websites disable right clicking on the theory that it prevents people from copying images, but sometimes, that prevents opening up a new tab when you don't want to leave the page you're on. 

Reformats a web page to eliminate the ads and banners for printing.

Link Checker
Find a site with a ton of links?  Don't want to spend time clicking and getting 404'd or redirected to a notice that reminds you for the umpteenth time that Geocities has closed?  This addon will check the links on a page and highlight them as to availability.  Save time and only go to the working links.

Tab Mix Plus
Tab manager; freeze, protect and lock tabs, closed tabs list, undo close tab, very cool 'reload every', useful if you're watching EBay or Craigslist; allows you to rename, duplicate and bookmark tabs.  Swiss Army knife for tabs.

Session Manager
Saves previous sessions so you can restore what you were looking at the day before yesterday when you found that cool site; lists all the tabs open when the browser was closed and allows you to select which ones to restore.  If you have multiple browser sessions going, it can handle backing them up; same with tabs in the individual windows.

Save File To
Allows you to specify where to save files if you have regular folders to organize your downloads, such as the woodworking folder or the recipes folder.