Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rubber gloves and rags

PSHTF, the 'ick' factor will increase a bit.  Paper towels will be a thing of the past if we don't reboot the American economy because no one will be able to afford them.

So, how do you deal with the mess and mire of daily life post paper towel?

Obviously, soap and water help wash off the gunk afterward, but if you want to protect your hands, rubber gloves are valuable in fending off chemicals and grime.

As fragile as they are, however, you'll need to stock up.  In my local Safeway, I've seen non-latex gloves, not like exam gloves but like the ones you use for washing dishes, and I've bought some in both 'one size fits most' and large.  Unfortunately, DH doesn't like wearing gloves, but...we have them.

The ubiquitous paper towel is so easily replaced by cloth rags I'm surprised more people haven't already gone that route.  We do have paper towels in our preps, but they are for things like dog vomit and cat pee, neither of which are common occurrences in our house, stuff you really don't want to have to wash out of a cloth rag.  We don't go through a single roll of paper towels (and Bounty's smaller towels are perfect for most of what we need) more often than about once every three months or so because the rest of the time we're using washcloths that I zigzagged around the edges along with some heavier white rags I use for washing the floor.

When the paper towels are gone, I'll have to rely on cloth, but it will be a matter of relying on cloth a little more rather than a radical change.