Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bugging in tool: ZipWall

It's not the cheapest method, but it's quick, effective and easy to deploy:  ZipWall.  

Suppose you are bugging in and need to zone your house in such a way as to block off a contaminated or damaged area quickly, or your house has cathedral ceilings [even mobile homes can have cathedral ceilings, albeit very low ones].  Studs and plastic and tape are one method, but the ZipWall system incorporates spring-loaded poles with swivel heads that will allow placement against a sloped ceiling.  

The system also includes an option for sealing plastic tight against the wall, and with the addition of zippers, you can make a door into or out of a closed-off space, or with two sets of zippered doors, an airlock entry, useful for removing contaminated clothing or keeping warmth inside.

It's not intended to be permanent, but as a temporary barrier - even for mere construction - it looks like a good way to go to contain contamination.