Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where to start...?

Remember last time you went to the grocery store and bought something not on your list, like an extra can or three of chili because it was on sale?  That's the easiest way to prepare food-wise (and toilet paper-wise, and soap-wise and all that).  Just buy extra of what you already use.

What, no beans-and-rice-and-dried milk?  Well, of course you can add those things in if you are using them.  Basically, stock up on what you use, and if you are pinching pennies as most of us are these days, buy what you want to stock up on sale.  Look at all your local ads, from Costco to your local drug or grocery store.  Make a habit of picking up something - anything - extra each time you go to the store.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to stock up on things you don't already eat (so if you aren't already eating canned smoked oysters or capers or whatever, don't buy them).  The stress of an emergency can only be exacerbated by having to eat 'weird' food.

If you ordinarily purchase a lot of prepared foods, like bread, frozen waffles, pot pies, etc., you will need to stock up on two things for each of those prepared foods:  one, the ingredients to make, say, bread, and two, the skill to actually make bread.

If you’re still not sure about stocking up on things, think of it this way:  buy it on sale, and next time you need it, it’s already there and you don’t have go to the store at the last minute, fighting traffic all the way.

If storage is a problem, well, you might have to get creative about it if you are in a really small apartment or house, but the backs of closets, or shelving units against the wall, or even, if you are really pinched, behind the smaller books in your bookcase can be places to store canned and other goods.  Look around and you can probably find a lot of places to store what you’ve stocked up on.