Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When none of them are the sharpest knife in the drawer

Lists of items to stock up on include axes, knives and various other implements to cut or chop with, but rarely do people consider how to keep things sharp. Why have anything sharp in your BOB or your stock of goods without including something to keep it sharp with and knowing how to sharpen it?

Here's a tutorial on sharpening knives, more information, albeit focusing on kitchen knives, that discusses the intricacies of steel, edge bevels and the characteristics of various types of stones, and a nice, downloadable two page .pdf with pictures.

Here's how to sharpen an ax, mower blades, etc.

Multi-tool users, unfortunately you're on your own finding directions. Leatherman, for example, apparently says 'send it back and we'll resharpen', which isn't very useful pshtf.

There's also a book called The Complete Guide to Sharpening that includes chisels, carving and turning tools and drill bits, among other things.