Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waste management

Are you concerned about waste management PSHTF, like kitchen garbage and the like [the...other...waste, that stuff, is a different topic]? 

Don't be.  Consider this:
  • Organic garbage such as food scraps will go into your compost pile or worm bin.
  •  Plastic won't last long as a waste item because nobody will be packaging anything in plastic because there won't be any made
  • Things that ordinarily go in the garbage like used paper towels and the like will most likely be burned, if not inside, outside in a waste fire.
Some people will nothing think of burning plastics, painted/stained wood and the like, but those things should be safely stored out of the way instead to prevent noxious smells and fumes.

Metallic waste will likely be recycled, either by the originator (you) or by someone who periodically comes 'round and barters for or buys it.

While you will have some garbage to begin with, fairly soon you won't have much to deal with.  It won't pile up like a garbage trucker strike in New York City...