Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jam- and jelly-making

Clear Jel looked like the answer to my quest for something to use in jams and jellies that could be bought in bulk, but then I found contradictory information on one website and got some Pomona's Pectin instead.  However, the information I found in the first place comes from a reputable source, and I know that Barry Farms sells Clear Jel by the pound, but on their website and not through Amazon.com as most of their offerings are.

The Pomona's won't go to waste, however, as it, too has a long shelf life, and allows the use of very little sugar in making jams and jellies; the recipes for using Clear Jel lean toward more traditional amounts of sugar, but the instructions from the nice folks at Whatcom County Extension did suggest reductions in the amount of sugar are quite possible, with some experimentation.