Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Empire - Rome wasn't built in a day and won't fall as fast, either

Rome wasn't built in a day, and the Roman Empire didn't fall in a day, either.  If watched from the distance that time gives us, it was more like watching meat rot slowly than some cataclysmic instantaneous event.

For a long time after the Empire actually ceased to exist, outlying areas still thought it was alive and well...which might well be how the US winds down from its current state if current trends continue on.  Unfortunately for the majority of us, the self-styled 'patriots' that dragged us into yet another international conflict are determined to bring this country to its knees and then dispatch it with a shot to the back of the head.  And yes, the gang-style killing reference is deliberate.  These are the people who bragged that their mission was to shrink government to a size that would allow it to be drowned in a bathtub; this is anti community, because government of the people, by the people does for us as a whole what we cannot do individually.  Many of these people subscribe to the scribblings of Ayn Rand; Funny how neocons idolize a writer of fiction who was, in part, justifying her own psychotic lifestyle; she considered a brutal killer in the thirties as the ideal man:
"In her journal circa 1928 Rand quoted the statement, "What is good for me is right," a credo attributed to a prominent figure of the day, William Edward Hickman. Her response was enthusiastic. "The best and strongest expression of a real man's psychology I have heard," she exulted. (Quoted in Ryan, citing Journals of Ayn Rand, pp. 21-22.)"  Hickman was, according to Rand, "A wonderful, free, light consciousness" born of the utter absence of any understanding of "the necessity, meaning, or importance of other people."  In other words, a psychopath.  This is the philosophy upon which Ayn Rand built.

Neocons and their ilk are intent on destroying this country - the old 'in order to save the village, we have to destroy the village' mentality.  There are indeed elements in this country, opposed to true democracy, intent on creating a theocracy in which the harshest of Old Testament punishments are dealt out...reading Christian Reconstructionist and New Apostolic Reformation materials is like reading a manual on ‘How to Create the World of the Handmaid's Tale’.  These self-styled 'patriots' are anything but; typically they have avoided military service, but promote conflicts in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere almost as though they are children clamoring for yet another set of toy soldiers to play war with. 

The deregulation of Wall Street was part and parcel of this scheme; by eliminating proper checks and balances on the investment/banking world, it has been easy to recreate the scenario that existed before the onset of the Great Depression.  Controlling the population through threat of prison for filming police, the camps into which refugees from Katrina were forced, warrantless wiretaps, the PATRIOT Act, the reduction in available food (checked your store shelves lately?  Noticed the gaps, or the restriction on choices of brands and items available?)...those and a thousand more little signs indicate just how far down the slope the US is toward the big drain.

That is the pessimist in me coming out, but, then, the optimist writes on...