Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Books worth checking out

The Secure Home, Third Edition, by Joel Skousen

This is not a book to check out from the library; at over 650 pages, this is a book that requires some time to peruse and you might as well buy it rather than pay a lot of library fines generated by the time needed to go through it.  It covers design of new construction as well as remodeling, with side ventures into preparedness topics like food storage and alternative energy. 

Because I’d borrowed from a library, I was a bit overwhelmed at the sheer volume of information.  I think the suggestions are good, but there is just too much information to digest in the short time I had the book.  Author Joel Skousen has packed a lot of information between the book’s covers, and even if it is a bit out of date [as are most large volumes of this sort, like the Whole Earth Catalog, shortly after publishing], it still has a lot of valuable information.

The Complete Walker, Fourth Edition by Colin Fletcher and Chip Rawlins

If you want to plan an all-around BOB in a backpack, this book has a lot of guidance on that subject, even though it’s targeted to backpackers and hikers and not to someone considering making a BOB. 

A long time ago, I found this book in one of its previous editions and began thinking of my backpack as Fletcher does, as the ‘house on your back’.  I think this method helps you remember things that you ordinarily might forget, and organize your BOB-pack in a logical fashion.

Build the Perfect Survival Kit, by John D. McCann

For the grab-n-go of a serious emergency, a survival kit can provide a good number of the things you’ll find you need.  This book shows how to create kits in a very wide variety of sizes, contents and purposes.  While no one kit in the book may strike you as your ‘perfect’ kit, there are enough ideas to get you started on making one.